Boulder Housing Market Update

Market Highlights

The Boulder Realtor’s Association just released the market statistics for October….a must read for insomniacs! Here are some of the highlights:

  • For the 4th  month in a row, sales in 2011 are outpacing those in 2010.
  • At this rate, 2011 will be a better year than 2010, which was better than 2009….so things are moving in the right direction.
  • Prices in the city of Boulder haven’t changed much in about 5 years, but hey, that’s a lot better than Phoenix or Las Vegas or most places in the country.
  • Guess what local community has had the biggest housing price gain in the last year?     That’s right Lafayette! The median sale price in Lafayette is up over 11% this year compared to last. Pretty cool!
  • Louisville, which has been the shining star in local real estate the last few years, actually saw property values decline around 4% in the last year. 
  • Still, over the last 5 years Louisville has far outpaced the rest of the county in price appreciation so, it’s not all bad in The Best Little Town in America.

About Tom & Beth White-O'Connor

We've lived in Boulder and the surrounding mountain area for over 23 years. We're Realtors at The White-O'Connor Team, Coldwell Banker Residential Boulder. Tom loves to write, play music, look at houses and find great house deals! Beth can fix anything and she loves house design and remodeling. Our house is a testament to her creativity. We have a daughter in San Diego who gets to ride horses for a living. Our two cats and the most amazing 16 year old dog in the world keep us company at home. Give us a call at 720-276-0826 or 720-366-6196 if we can help you Buy or Sell a home or find a great rental property. Best, Tom and Beth.
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