Boulder County Real Estate Market Update – Wow…what a Year so far!

Here we are in September, summer is over…sigh, kids are back in school, the weather is actually feeling cooler..yay! And how about Peyton Manning and them Broncos!!…..But, you wanted to know what’s happening in the real estate market? Right??

Here’s a brief summary from around Boulder County. Overall, it’s been a pretty incredible year so far. Sales are up….. way up in some places, Prices are up and inventory just gets lower and lower. All the stats are comparing this year to last. Sales and Price data is through the 2nd quarter, Inventory compares July of 2012 with July 2011.

Sales – up over 20%
Prices – up over 5%
Inventory – down almost 30%

Sales – up 17%
Prices – up 1.5%
Inventory – down 30%

Sales – up over 30%
Prices – up 10%
Inventory – unchanged

Sales – up 35%
Prices – up over 20%
Inventory – down 40%

Sales – up 14%
Prices – up over 5%
Inventory – down 30%

Sales – up 72% !!
Prices – down 1%
Inventory – down 10%

It’s pretty amazing that sales have been up so much, even 72% in Louisville, while there are so few houses on the market. It’s not like inventory was high last year, and this year it’s even lower. It’s kind of odd that Louisville is the only town where prices actually dropped but virtually everything that comes on the market there sells.

Lafayette and Erie had a nice rebound this year. Broomfield has had increased sales but no significant price increases. Longmont is having a pretty good year and Boulder keeps chugging along.


About Tom & Beth White-O'Connor

We've lived in Boulder and the surrounding mountain area for over 23 years. We're Realtors at The White-O'Connor Team, Coldwell Banker Residential Boulder. Tom loves to write, play music, look at houses and find great house deals! Beth can fix anything and she loves house design and remodeling. Our house is a testament to her creativity. We have a daughter in San Diego who gets to ride horses for a living. Our two cats and the most amazing 16 year old dog in the world keep us company at home. Give us a call at 720-276-0826 or 720-366-6196 if we can help you Buy or Sell a home or find a great rental property. Best, Tom and Beth.
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