After the Flooding in Jamestown

Reflecting on JamestownJamestown friend's home
My wife and I went to a flood relief dinner and gathering for residents of Jamestown last night at the Boulder Theater. We lived in Jamestown for our first 10 years in Colorado and our daughter grew up there. We have so many fond memories of living there and it remains such an integral part of our life and family history. We showed up at the event to see old friends and to do what we could to offer some love and support.

I got to see our good friend who used to live in the home pictured above. It’s been seen a lot in the media lately. It’s surreal seeing all those images and then getting to see the people who lived in those homes. They’re alive, almost all of them, and doing remarkably well, though I’m sure they’re in shock and just in a survival/coping mode at the moment. It was a night for all of the residents to unwind and be taken care of and mostly be together, since they’ve all had to scatter to various temporary living situations around Boulder.

Jamestown 4th of July 1996?This is more how I remember Jamestown. This is right down the street from the home pictured above, and in front of our old house on Main St. I don’t know what to do with this really. It brings tears to my eyes. I know that this is why people choose to live in Jamestown. To have a 4th of July celebration like this. A little parade that lasts about 4 minutes and includes every one in the town, with the exception of those who are making the pancakes for the pancake breakfast. There’s a nice sized crowd of spectators who come up from Boulder and points beyond to be a part of it.

Dawn & Erin jamestown 4th of July 1994?

Erin B. & our daughter Dawn at the lower park, July 4th 1994?

It’s truly like another place in time… a tiny town that time forgot, just a half hour from Boulder. But mostly, it’s a community. That’s what draws people there and keeps them together through all the challenges…the fires, and financial woes, the speed bumps (and dips – Boycott Jamestown…remember that!) and all the Fun, Music and 4th of Julys.

Joey Howlett leading kazoo band 2013Here’s a photo from this years 4th of July celebration. This photo really makes you cry because that’s Joey Howlett leading the kazoo band down Main St at the start of the parade. Joey was the one who was killed in the mudslide that slammed into his house in the middle of the night during the flood. Joey, as you’ve probably heard, had lived in town for years and owned the cafe, the Merc and was a patriarch of the town. I imagine this is how he would like to be remembered…leading the kazoo band down Main St.

Jamestown, and many other places that were ravaged by the floods, will be needing a lot of support in the months ahead. It’s going to be a long process. There are volunteer work days being planned and donation websites. If you’d like to make a donation or keep informed of volunteer needs, here’s the link to the Town of Jamestown website  Or you can buy a Jamestown T-shirt here  and have 100% of the proceeds go to Jamestown flood relief. Thanks for your support!


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